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Passenger information during disruption (PIDD)

Arriva Rail London knows that the flow of information about train services experiencing disruption is a priority for customers, and it is an area we focus on.

The rail industry has produced an Approved Code of Practice which sets out high-level guidance and good practice in providing information to customers during disruption. Arriva uses this Code of Practice as a framework for delivering timely, correct and consistent information to customers during major disruption/delays so that they can make well-informed travel decisions.

For more information please download the latest Code of Practice issued by ATOC on Passenger Information during Disruption.

You can read more about our approach in our PIDD Local Delivery Plan.

The rail industry has commissioned research to understand better the extent to which we are providing effective communications about disruption and what improvements might be made. You can download the latest findings from the Rail Delivery Group website.