Environment and sustainability

Arriva Rail London’s vision to help shape a future where passenger transport is the best choice, with sustainability ambitions at its core. Our vision drives us as a business to find ways to make using passenger transport the more attractive and convenient way to go about our daily lives, with less congestion on our roads and better air quality.

Our environment and sustainability strategy prioritises issues that are important to our people, the communities we serve, our passengers and our clients, and where we believe we can contribute the greatest benefit. Our approach is structured around supporting Transport for London’s (TfL) net zero strategy.

Our environmental commitment is to reduce our business carbon emissions and footprint and, in doing so, positively contribute to our wider built environment. We will do this by undertaking a number of efficiency and sustainability drives to support London on its journey to net zero by 2030.

  • Climate emergency: ARL commits to supporting London in reducing our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
  • Air quality: ARL will help reduce airborne pollutants in London.
  • Green infrastructure: ARL will protect, connect and enhance green infrastructure and enhance the natural environment in and around stations.
  • Sustainable resource: Our goal is to become a resource efficient passenger transport operator, with a focus on implementing a circular approach to our use of materials.
  • Best environmental practice: ARL works closely with TfL and other train operating companies to ensure that best environmental practice is always included and implemented, so that we deliver our activities responsibly and are a good neighbour.